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SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS BAN ON AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Since this ban ‘African American’ collegiate enrollment decreased sharply – as much as 50% at some schools. With the failure of predominantly black public school systems around the country (SEPARATE & UNEQUAL); With more black people incarcerated than were enslaved in this country (SLAVERY BY ANY OTHER NAME…); when your neighborhood is more segregated than it was in 1914 (INTEGRATION HOAX); the continued marketing, promoting and rewarding of perceived ‘pathological’ behavior among blacks under the guise of ‘entertainment’ (DEHUMANIZING VAUDEVILLE MINSTRELS); add the fact that blacks in America make up 13% of the US population, yet still represent less than one half of 1% of the country’s business receipts (JUST LIKE 1860) and it is plain to see that the collective black situation has only changed in your mind. The reality says you’re delusional… #morning

The suit says that Singer was one of several powerful Hollywood men who preyed on fresh-faced kids with dreams of making it big. Also accused of frequenting the parties were Marc Rector-Collins, former chairman of the Digital Entertainment Network (where Neuman works), and Chad Shackley, a DEN co-founder. (Rector-Collins, a registered sex offender in Florida, pleaded guilty in 2004 to charges of transporting minors across state lines to have sex.) Egan and other underage actors were added to the DEN payroll, receiving $1,500 a week for “legitimate work” and $600 a week for more nebulous services, the suit claims.

Now, look at your blessings… how many of the people and THINGS have you proclaimed before the world… “God gave me this woman”… “God gave me this man”… “God blessed me with this car”… “God blessed me with this job”… “God blessed me with this house”… “God blessed us with this child”, etc… and you’re cursing the very things GOD supposedly gave to you??? “I can’t STAND her”… “I can’t STAND him”… “The kids are drivine me CRAZY”.. “I HATE this mother-father job”… Be careful… you’re slowly praying your blessings away… destroying gifts you ONCE rejoiced in.